PRS Legislative requires Translator


Core responsibilities: As part of the team at PRS, the translator will be tasked with providing high quality translation of PRS documents from English to Hindi.  The individual will be tasked with translating documents accurately, with a focus on readeability and ease of understanding by lay readers. 

Abilities required:  (a) Good writing skills with an excellent grasp of Hindi and English grammar; (b) Excellent reading and comprehension skills in Hindi and English; (c) Ability to translate a document with an attention to detail and correctly convey the sense of the document; (d) Good computer and keyboarding skills; (e) Ability to work independently; (f) Ability to multi-task and deliver quality work in a time bound manner.

Qualifications sought:  Minimum 2 years of work experience in the sector.

Location: New Delhi

Emoluments offered:  Flexible depending on qualifications and ability.

Please email your details and CV to with the subject line: “Translator”.


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