Undp requires Senior Consultant (Project), Open to Indian Nationals Only


Undp requires Senior Consultant (Project), Open to Indian Nationals Only

Location : New Delhi, INDIA
Application Deadline :10-Jan-16
Type of Contract : Individual Contract
Post Level : National Consultant
Languages Required : English
Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 01-Feb-2016
Duration of Initial Contract : One year with 261 working days


UNDP operates in more than 170 countries and territories around the world. UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations that can withstand crisis, and that drive and sustain growth that improves the quality of life for everyone.Since, 1951 UNDP has been collaborating with the Government, civil society and people of India to help them find their own solutions to meet global and national development challenges. UNDP’s approach in India has been to develop and sustain strategic partnerships that find innovative solutions to address gaps on both the demand and supply side of development processes.
“Creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women in India” project, aims to reach 1,000,000 women and girls by providing them with necessary skills and knowledge for employment or entrepreneurship. Through an integrated skilling and job placement/ enterprise start up approach, the project will create linkages between education & skills and employment & growth in India and support young women & girl’s progress towards economic empowerment. UNDP project will focus on: 1. Promotion of Entrepreneurship; 2. increasing employment opportunities through Skilling and Job Placement; and, 3. supporting the GOI Skilling efforts through Policy, Research and Development Support Services. The project activities will take place across four states of India. The project will work in close partnership with public, private and nongovernmental organizations especially skilling institutes, employers and livelihood organizations to facilitate job placement and entrepreneurship activities among young women. The Project is funded by the IKEA Foundation.

Duties and Responsibilities

UNDP India is looking to recruit a dynamic individual to join its “Creating Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for women in India” project team. S/he will analyse, political, social and economic trends and under strategic guidance of the Project Manager oversees project activities. The Senior Project Officer assures on a day-to-day basis the Project Manager on all the matters related to the project, including visibility of the project with national counterparts & national authorities, donor/s, financial and budgetary delivery management, information sharing and monitoring. The Senior Project Officer supervises and leads project support staff, and coordinates their workflows. The Senior Project Officer works in a close collaboration and UNDP Country office and assure compliance of the project to UNDP rules and regulations. S/he will receive strategic guidance from the Project Manager and operational advice on UNDP specific rules and regulations from Country Office team. In this role, Senior Project Officer will contribute to execution and assurance of project success. S/he will work collaboratively with all team members but most closely with Project Technical Specialist. S/he will work in a fast changing and dynamic environment with multiple priorities and pressing demands. The Senior Project Officer will be located in UNDP’s Head Office in Delhi with frequent travel to field offices, and some limited international travel.
In this role the Senior Project Officer will be responsible for implementation and execution of project strategies by:
Assuring implementation of project activities to achieve project results;
Monitoring project performance to meet project aims;
Building partnerships to support successful execution of the project; and
Facilitating knowledge management and sharing.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of Project Manager and in close collaboration the Senior Project Officer has the following duties and responsibilities:
Assure implementation of project activities to achieve project results:
Lead preparation of various project management tools: AWPs, Request for Proposals, TORs, Critical Paths, due diligence, agreements;
Contribute to business development activities of the project and UNDP as required;
Support Project Manager in planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of the project activities;
Keep track of the project financial and operational performance and ensure project activities are within assigned budgets, identify problems and suggests corrective actions;
Assure project compliance to UNDP’s rules and regulations;
Support UNDP audit preparations as required;
Supervises project support staff and provide high quality and timely operational guidance to project teams;
Participate in recruitment processes for the project;
Oversee consultants contracts assuring timely submission outputs and assurance of and assure logistical support to the organization and consultants working in the country, as per need;
Participate in project board meetings as requested;
Oversee application of RBM tools, establishment of management targets (BSC) and monitoring achievement of results;
Guide and oversee initiation of a project, entering project into Atlas, determine required revisions; participate in budget re-phasing exercises, closure of projects and other related elements;
Collaborate closely with the Project Technical Officer in execution of project plans and activities;
Discharge administrative and other responsibilities related to the function, and;
Undertake other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.

Monitor project performance:
Support reviews of M&E framework and the institutionalization of all required systems, tools, reports and indicators, required for efficient, effective implementation of M&E framework and activities specifically ensuring compliance with UNDP rules and regulations;
Review risk and issue logs, and regularly prepare updates and corrective actions;
Monitor partner reports and conduct report and indicator audits to maintain quality control of internal and external reporting;
Analyse M&E activity findings and reports and provide project management with timely, accurate information for decision – making;
Monitor financial performance of the project activities, prepare budgets, monitor spending and execution of activities;
Suggest capacity building activities for all staff to ensure continuous staff development;
Liaison and assist as appropriate in monitoring and evaluation missions of UNDP, donors and the government, and;
Undertake other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.
Build partnerships to support successful execution of the project:
Interact with the UN agencies, government institutions, bi – lateral and multi – lateral donors, private sector, civil society and build lasting relationships as required;
Support the Project Manager in relationship building with relevant national counterparts;
Develop a network of contacts with expertise in the project areas (skilling, private sector employers, and the like), and;
Undertake other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.
Facilitating knowledge management and sharing:
Represent the project and provide sound contribution to knowledge networks and communities of practice as per need;
Acquire a strong understanding of the project and develop ability to clearly and simply articulate project aims, goals and results to variety of stakeholders;
Identify and synthesize best practices and lessons learnt from the project;
Guide staff in organization of workshops, meetings and visits as per project needs;
Contribute substantially to creation of project publications;
Contribute to finalization and approval of donor and other project reports;
Identify stakeholders to participate in knowledge sharing opportunities related to the project;
Identify and guide execution of knowledge management activities in order to generate and disseminate learning from the project activities and publicize results in close collaboration with Project Manager;
Keep abreast with key changes in policy environment, regulations, strategic focus of development partners and market developments and regular updates to the project team; and
Undertake other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.

Impact of Results
The key result of the role is to ensure that the project effectively meets its objectives. This highly strategic post has impact on the project results and success and works to effect an enabling environment for the project. In addition it is expected that the role will help improve ability and willingness of the relevant stakeholders to create enabling environment to promote employment and self – employment opportunities for women.


Functional Competencies:
Job Knowledge and Technical Expertise:
Has strong knowledge of at least two project areas: skilling, public private partnership, job placement and entrepreneurship; Keeps abreast with new developments in areas of professional discipline and seeks to develop him/herself professionally; Has sound knowledge of project management tools and utilizes these regularly in work and assignments; Strong experience in setting clear performance goals standards and responsibilities, and manages them effectively; Good understanding of political economy of India; Good understanding of women’s empowerment issues, poverty reduction debates, inclusive development debates and the like; Strong ability to organize and accurately complete multiple tasks by establishing priorities while taking into consideration special assignments, frequent interruptions, competing deadlines and multiple reporting relationships.

Excellent communication skills (written and oral) with demonstrated sensitivity and understanding of multiple project partners;
Strong analytical and problem solving abilities;
Strong ability to establish, build and maintain effective working relationships with project staff and clients to facilitate the provision of required support, and;
High proficiency in Microsoft Office tools and use of internet.

Results Based Orientation:
Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals, and;
Demonstrates ability to generate innovative, practical solutions to challenging situations.
Client Orientation:
Demonstrates an understanding of client/partner/donor perspective;
Establishes smooth relationships and enabling environment between clients and service providers, and;
Strives for high quality client – oriented services (internal and external) when making decision and taking actions.
Knowledge Management and Learning:
Willingly shares knowledge and experience, and;
Actively works towards continuing personal learning, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills
Leadership and Self-Management:
Strives for excellence and focuses on quality;
Completes tasks fast and in timely manner;
Is result driven and solution oriented;
Uses fair and transparent decision making and calculated risk – taking;
Builds support and political acumen;
Is able to work under pressure in rapidly changing environment;
Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view, and;
Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complex, ever-changing environments.
Corporate Competencies:
Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP, and
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Required Skills and Experience

Education: Essential: Master’s in Social Studies, Economic Development, Business Administration, International Relations, MBA or other similar fields.
Experience: Minimum five years of proven experience in Partnership management with different actors in different scenarios; Working in and with bureaucracies; Managing very complex environments with multiple demands;
Administration and project management; Financial compliance and budget oversight;

Project Management;
Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.), and;
S/he must also have:
A good understanding of skilling, entrepreneurship, job placement related issues as well as inclusive development;
A strong familiarity with inclusive growth debates, economic development, poverty reduction and women empowerment, and;
Willingness to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders.
Desired Experience:
Experience working with private foundations and/or private sector organizations;
Experience working with UNDP or bilateral, multilateral agencies or organizations;
Good Experience working in public private partnership projects.

Language: High proficiency in written and spoken English and Hindi.
Knowledge of regional language(s) where project plans to operate will be an asset.
Documents to be submitted: Curriculum Vitae including experience in similar projects, and Names/Contact Details of 3 referees;

Financial Matters: Payments will be made on a monthly basis for the actual days worked on satisfactory completion of activities as agreed with the supervisor.
Note: Please note that there will not be any fee payable for holidays and leaves taken, if any.
Cumulative analysis
The award of the contract shall be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:
Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.
Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points (70% of the total technical points) would be considered for the Financial Evaluation;
Technical Criteria weight – 70%;
Financial Criteria weight – 30%.
Evaluation Criteria:
40% on executive functions with emphasis on project management and experience in financial oversite;
30% on Experience in Building partnerships.
Any kind of miscellaneous charges i.e. internet, phone etc. would not be reimbursed;
Individuals working with institutions may also apply, contract would be issued in the name of institution for the specific services of individual;
Please note proposals without financial proposal will not be considered;
CV and Financial proposal can be clubbed in one file for uploading;
The consultants must bring his/her own computing equipment.

Apply Online-Click Here


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